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Some manufacturers have also decided to keep their drivers simple, such as the GX-7. There are certainly exceptions to this rule of thumb, but you need to make sure your swing speed is still registering above MPH before you buying a driver with less than 12-degrees of loft.

While Find more information. To download Safari again, click this link and follow the instructions given. adjustable drivers are not for everyone, they are terrific tools that can help. You want a driver with a clean look that has a bright indicator that allows the golfer to see the correct spot they need to align the driver’s head to the golf ball. When you are trying to maximize each shot, especially off the tee box, it certainly helps if you have options with your equipment. Manufacturers have long tried to discover new ways to help the golfer adjust their clubs while on the course and in the last decade, they have been incredibly successful.

  • places drivers in positions very quickly and jobs are really good for the drivers needs and wants.
  • We believe that golf is better when golfers are better informed.
  • Lie about compensation for assignments just to influence drivers to volunteer for the assignments.
  • Our goal is to provide golfers with the best information through honest reviews, world-class instruction, and data-driven myth busting.

Finally, adjustable features put the driver entirely in control of the golfer. Perhaps, you want more height or need to reduce that slice; then adjustable weights can remedy those issues.

Senior golfers who need all the help they can get would do themselves a huge favor by finding a driver with a loft that starts no lower than 12-degrees. Loft equals ball height, and it is a vital necessity to maximizing the height of your drives when you swing slower. Giving the ball the best chance to get down the fairway means the golfer can hit the ball hard while allowing it to get into the air at the proper launch angle. The first way is through the construction of the driver, especially if the fixed clubhead has no adjustable features such as moveable weights or loft angles on the hosel.

Cobra has dropped six grams from the clubhead, seven grams from the grip, and five grams from the shaft. This reduction makes the driver one of the fastest draw-bias drivers on the market. For senior golfers looking to get a boost on their distance by lifting the ball with more consistency, then the Rogue is a wonderful option. Another fantastic feature of the Rogue is the loft sleeve on the hosel.

Within a dozen swings on the TrackMan, the professional will have your swing speed, launch angle and other information that will allow them to find the best driver and loft for your game. So, getting the loft perfect on the driver gives the golfer the best chance to create shorter second shots. First, senior flex is an approximation rating on the flex of a shaft as thegolfer swings the club. Slower swing speeds need more flex so that the club can create a whipping action that brings the club through the impact zone squarely.

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Another benefit is that the sustained pulses drive fasteners faster with less torque and fewer RPMs. We liked the positive feel of switching between speed settings via a simple, mechanical, three-position switch and the effective work area lighting by three bright LEDs. This impact driver has the heft and feel of a contractor-quality tool, capable of driving big fasteners without slowing down, and smaller self-tapping screws in metal studs.

By having a sense of feel with a driver, a senior golfer will know when something is not right either with their swing or, perhaps, the club itself. Forsenior golfers, having a driver that is well designed and well made is very important because the golfer always needs to have confidence in their opening club. The main feature of the M4 is a loft sleeve that can increase or decrease the loft angle of the driver’s face for more adaptability of the golfer’s ball height. For senior golfers that want their driver to be flexible in a variety of areas, the M4 really allows the golfer to dial in their preferred shot flight without a problem. A feature of this driver that marvels is how lightweight it is in your hands.

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