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16 Jul 2020 3662 visitors remarks

Taylor is really a 21 yr old closeted homosexual virgin whom happens to be bullied their expereince of living to be little. Now away at university he discovers that the bullying has not stopped. Their tormentors, but, are planning to discover their key. Their scrawny framework supports a massively huge cock.

Topics: Bondage, Big Dick, Humiliation, University, Bullies, Tickling, Virgin

Backseat Leg Fun. A leg damage and a lengthy automobile trip within the backseat by having complete stranger whom provides to assist, then takes benefit.

7 Jul 2020 590 visitors feedback

A massage therapy can become a tickle torture that is daring.

Topics: Feet, Fetish, Tickling

Cleansing Mike’s foot

8 Jul 2020 450 visitors commentary

A tale of me personally worshipping a dom. My one that is first ever it’s pretty quick, but I’ll compose a lot more of people enjoy it.

Topics: Poppers, Domination, Feet, Submission

Fucking My Nerdy Faggot

23 Jul 2020 20790 visitors reviews

Brad spends A friday night filling a fag.

Topics: Raunchy, Oral Intercourse, Big Dick, Forced, Bullies, Guy Cunt, Fucking

1 Aug 2020 929 visitors reviews

John ended up being having a night that is late through the town as he took an incorrect change and occurred regarding the ‘market’.

Topics: Public Intercourse, Bondage, Spanking, Outdoor, BDSM

Liam’s Submission Tested

23 Jul 2020 1098 visitors remarks

Liam’s long anticipated journey right back to their Sir’s favorite regional BDSM dungeon. You will find strict rules set up for submissives and punishments that are harsh any one of them regrettable adequate to slip up.

Topics: Chastity, Bondage, Group Intercourse, Punishment, Relationship, Masters & Slaves, BDSM, Sub, Influence Enjoy


23 Jul 2020 416 visitors reviews

A guy grows weary of his boring boyfriend preferring one he remembers. Procedures are taken fully to rectify the specific situation.

Topics: Horror, Change

Release Retreat

6 Jul 2020 1450 visitors commentary

Mark goes slumming in a rough-section Chicago bathhouse.

Topics: Ebony Guys, Harsh Intercourse, Domination, Priest, Sauna, Interracial, Rub, Part Enjoy, Guilt, Bathhouse

Spandex Suit Fantasy

5 Jul 2020 374 visitors reviews

A story that is short comes from me fantasising about spandex matches.

Topics: Masturbation, Spandex

Fucked and spanked

4 Aug 2020 1259 visitors responses

Their big arms felt the considerable temperature coming down my scorched rear. A finger explored my break and touched my virgin gap. He penetrated me personally, extending the muscle tissue.

Topics: Anal Intercourse, Strength, Spanking, Very First Time, Sloppy Hole, Virgin


12 Jul 2020 736 visitors feedback

A guy is prepared for just what he will not understand may happen.

Topics: CBT, Bondage, BDSM, Electro

The Dungeon Bar

11 Jul 2020 647 visitors remarks

My piss-play proclivity discovers a golden heaven.

Topics: Piss, Anal Intercourse, Oral Sex

The generating of a master

6 Aug 2020 134 readers feedback

David fulfills Raymond that is a Master in waiting. David is Raymond’s catalyst. Semi autobiographical.

Subjects: Big Dick, Domination, Humiliation, Slut, Masters & Slaves, Submission, Small Cock

Abducted Straight Stud

5 Oct 2019 14568 visitors feedback

Right stud is abducted and whored down in a international land

Topics: SM, BDSM, African

$100 to Watch You Pee

2 Apr 2007 21094 visitors commentary

Unexpectedly it arrived, that overwhelming loss in control. My human body ended up being now employer, my brain paid down up to a peanut. Now my sides had been shooting extremely to and fro. I became gasping as though a heart was had by me assault.

Topics: Humiliation

5 days a slave

5 May 2014 25891 visitors remarks

I am carrying this out for love nonetheless it appears that We’m planning to perish.

Topics: Ebony Guys, Latino, Bondage, Big Dick, Domination, Masters & Slaves, BDSM, Racism

A BDSM Tale: Jason and Paul

10 Sep 2012 15799 readers reviews

Jason begins employment being a economic analyst in NYC. Paul is newly divorced and seeking for different things. Jason courts and develops a relationship with Paul with a finish objective of his submission that is total in.

Topics: Anal Intercourse, Fiction & Drama, Bondage, Oral Sex, Rimming, Spanking, Domination, Punishment, Nipple Enjoy, Enema, Submission, BDSM

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